Kaos Grey Oversized Basic KASUAL Honor Tee


Introducing the KASUAL Honor Tee, a Definitive Style Statement! Crafted from the indulgent Mikacel/Heavy Cotton 16s Fabric, this tee seamlessly blends comfort and fashion. With a modern oversized fit, it caters to the dynamic individual who values freedom without compromising on style. Available in a range of classic solid colors, it effortlessly adapts to both casual and refined looks. The distinctive O-Neck collar design adds a touch of sophistication. And for your convenience, it’s machine-washed, ensuring that every wear feels as fresh as the first. Elevate your wardrobe with the Oversized Basic KASUAL Honor Tee — where comfort meets timeless style, proudly made in Indonesia. 

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17 - 19 May, 2024

Product details

Indulge in the luxurious comfort of the Oversized Basic KASUAL Honor Tee, proudly crafted by KASUAL, a distinguished brand from Indonesia.

Product Specifications:

  • Premium Fabric: Immerse yourself in the richness of Mikacel/Heavy Cotton 16s Fabric. This material transcends comfort, making every wear an experience.  
  • Versatile Style: From casual chic to polished elegance, this tee seamlessly transitions between looks, offering you endless styling possibilities.
  • Modern Oversized Fit: Experience the freedom of movement without compromising on style. Our modern oversized fit strikes the perfect balance between comfort and contemporary fashion.
  • Classic Solid Colors: Timeless elegance meets modern flair. Choose from our selection of classic solid colors that effortlessly complement any wardrobe.
  • O-Neck Collar Design: Simplicity at its finest. The O-Neck collar design adds a touch of sophistication to your look, ensuring you stand out with understated charm.
  • Easy Maintenance: Convenience meets style. This tee is machine washable, saving you time and effort while maintaining its premium quality.

Dress in confidence and comfort with the Oversized Basic KASUAL Honor Tee — a testament to Indonesian craftsmanship and your gateway to a wardrobe staple. Elevate your everyday style; get yours today! 

Care Instructions: 

  • Machine Washing: 
    • Separate colors before washing. 
    • Use a gentle detergent for Mikacel/Heavy Cotton 20s Fabric. 
    • Select a gentle wash cycle to preserve color and shape quality. 
  • Wash Temperature: 
    • Use cold water or a low temperature to prevent shrinkage. 
  • Drying: 
    • Air-dry or use a low-temperature setting in the dryer. 
    • Avoid excessive drying to protect fibers and elasticity. 
  • Ironing: 
    • Iron at a low temperature if necessary. 
    • Avoid direct ironing on designs or details. 
  • Proper Storage: 
    • Store in a cool, well-ventilated place. 
    • Keep away from direct sunlight. 
  • Attention to Accessories: 
    • Avoid direct contact with sharp accessories. 
  • Regular Checks: 
    • Regularly inspect for stains or damage. 
    • Respond promptly to prevent further damage.