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Pakai Celana
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Kasual mengambil langkah serius agar kamu bisa mendapatkan kenyamanan terbaik dalam menggunakan celana. Berawal dari pemilihan material bahan dengan kualitas internasional, produksi yang kami lakukan sendiri hingga senyuman yang akan kamu berikan ketika kamu pakai akan berdampak. Selamanya.

New Arrival

Longsleeve Rise Polo

The Longsleeve Rise Polo is made from 100% CVC Cotton, a renowned blend of cotton and polyester fibers known for their durability.

Wide Pants Edition

Crafted from Refined Polyester, these pants embody a sophisticated look while providing a soft, comfortable fit.

Chino Wide Pants

Experience elevated comfort and style with Kasual’s Chino Wide Pant.


Risepolo is expertly crafted from durable and comfortable premium CVC Pique fabric.


Made from premium-quality fabric, they promise durability while exuding a sharp, professional appeal.


Welcome to the Gurkha 360 Collection where your style is taken to the next level with our distinctive waist buckles.


Elevate your wardrobe with Gurkha Pants 720 – the epitome of style and comfort. Crafted from premium cotton twill fabric, these pants exude timeless elegance.


Presenting the Smart Waist Ankle Prime Pants, meticulously crafted for the dynamic modern man who’s always on the move.

Smart Waist Ankle

Enhance your look with the Smart Waist Ankle Pant by the KASUAL brand. Proudly produced in Indonesia, these pants are crafted from a luxurious blend of Polyester and Rayon, promising unparalleled comfort while maintaining a sleek and modern appearance. 

Ankle Air

Experience the ultimate blend of style and comfort with our Ankle Air, crafted from lightweight polyester. 

UV Ankle Air

Experience the ultimate in protection and style with our UV Ankle Air. Crafted from Titanium polyester, these lightweight pants not only offer chic style but also shield you from harmful sun rays.

Ankle Prime

Discover a new level of comfort and style with our Ankle Prime, the ultimate blend of luxury, comfort, and innovation. 

Ankle Fino

Experience Unmatched Comfort and Style with Ankle Fino. These chinos are made from high-quality cotton twill and feature a unique design that combines fashion and practicality.

Ankle Solid

Discover a new level of sophistication with our Ankle TR+. Expertly crafted from a blend of high-quality polyester and rayon, these pants offer an exceptional balance of durability, comfort, and style.

Tailored Ankle Classic

Introducing the Tailored Ankle Classic Pants, now enhanced with a YKK hook feature for a practical twist to your classic style.

Long Classic Pants

Introducing the Long Classic Pants

The Chinos

Indulge in both comfort and style with our Tech Chinos. Our Tech Chino collection is made with precision from cotton twill fabric and features a well-thought-out elastic rubber waistband.

The Cargo

Introducing the The Cargo

Basic Oxford Shirt

The basic oxford black shirt is a cloth button-down shirt, a perfect essential wardrobe staple and a hallmark of old-school collegiate style.

Mandarin Oxford Shirt

Discover the KASUAL Mandarin Oxford Shirt, where classic style meets modern simplicity.

Simple Oxford Shirt

Revamp your daily ensemble with the Simple Oxford Shirt by KASUAL, a tribute to Indonesia’s flair for understated sophistication. 

Simple Oxford Shirt

Revamp your daily ensemble with the Simple Oxford Shirt by KASUAL, a tribute to Indonesia’s flair for understated sophistication. 

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UV Ankle Air


Ankle Prime


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Tailored Ankle Classic


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Longsleeve Rise Polo

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Wide Pants Edition

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Chino Wide Pants

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Rise Polo


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