Celana Black Smart Waist Ankle Chino

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The latest product from KASUAL introduces the Smart Waist Ankle Chino – a perfect blend of contemporary aesthetics and unparalleled comfort. 


  • Exclusive Material: Twill Cotton

Crafted from select Twill Cotton, it offers a soft touch and unmatched comfort. This premium fabric ensures extraordinary durability and all-day comfort.

  • Ease of Movement: Two Ways Stretch

The two-way stretch feature ensures you have complete freedom in every movement, making it the perfect companion for all your activities.

  • Contemporary Design: Slim Fit Ankle

The sleek silhouette, fitting just right at the ankle, delivers a modern look aligned with the latest fashion trends, ensuring you always look stylish.

  • Boundless Comfort: Elastic Waist Band

Equipped with an elastic waistband, it guarantees perfect comfort and a fit that contours to your body.

  • Easy Care: Machine Washable

With high-level practicality in care, these pants are easily washable, maintaining their luxurious appearance over time.

  • A Range of Size Options:

Available in sizes from S to XXL, as well as a Custom Size option, ensuring every individual finds the perfect fit. 


Proudly recognized as an authentic Indonesian product, the Smart Waist Ankle Chino reflects KASUAL’s commitment to quality, local craftsmanship, and sophistication in every stitch.

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